I'm Katlin

I am a deeply emotional and sentimental person, and I think that's really where my drive for photography came from. I am determined to remember and preserve everything, and what better way than to take pictures? I want to capture it all – bringing out the organic moments between souls and documenting whatever state your family is in, bittersweet or beautiful. I've been told that I'm a master at making others feel comfortable, and capturing authentic real life moments.

I'm a southern Indiana library lady of 10+ years with a passion for photography that I've had since the age of 14. I am a jack of all trades, candle burning at both ends hot mess express – and I will never be able to do just one job in my life. I'm a married lady to Rowan, and a mama of SEVEN furbabies (A 18+ year old fluffy Siamese named Sushi, a long haired queen named Jemimah, a stray found at the library named Comet, and four Pembroke Welsh corgis that are my entire world; Chester, Oscar, Pearl & Wiley. 

– and though my name looks like it's spelled like CAT-lin, it's really “Kaitlyn”, or however else you want to to go about spelling it because there are sooooo many different ways – and I won't lie, I don't mind anyone that refers to me as CAT-lin. I love cats.

virgo moon

pisces sun

Real life IS magic
Let me capture YOUR magic

say hey!

Random Facts


It's common knowledge that I love animals – and I attract animals in need like Snow White at a zoo. I've been known to rescue critters on my way to and from sessions – even a baby skunk and a full grown hawk once. Chances are, I may have a stray animal in my car at some point.


I'm a lover of music. My husband and I initially bonded because of music, and I enjoy going to metal concerts (RIP Warped Tour), creating playlists, and listening to ONE new song on repeat for hours on end.


I'm basically any Aunty to everyone. Yes, I have a niece and nephew – but I don't know what it is about me that kids are attracted to, but I love it. I will totally scoop up your kiddos and entertain them anyway that I can at a session!


It's common knowledge that if you're creative or do photography, you probably enjoy thrifting and antiques – and I am no exception!

We will be unbreakable
Let's take it all as a reminder we'll never need
Every place we dance, in a way, we never leave
We're toe to toe, side to side, beneath the stars
We will be unbreakable


lets do this thing